Brand Refresh

Brand Refresh Or Re-Brand

If your overall marketing results are dropping, or you have noticed a lack of engagement with your brand, it could be that it is time for a brand refresh or perhaps a total re-brand.

If you objectively look at your company’s logo, website and marketing material does it first have consistency? Following that question put yourself in the mind of a potential customer, do you think your brand really stands out from competition and draws your interest?

If there is a ‘no’ for any of the above, chances are your brand requires a bit of expert attention.

Deciding on what action to take with a Refresh or a total Re-brand depends on two things, where your brand is and where ultimately you want to see your brand in the future.


A general overview of the steps involved;

1. Analyse your brands current situation
2. Detail your future goals
3. We propose actions to be undertaken
4. Design work and implementation

Services Required

The refresh or re-brand can consist of all or a few or the following services;

Logo Redesign
Color Selection
Design System
Data Visualization
Interactive Elements

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