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At Design & Co. we understand that you might see graphic design as an expense, but we would like to show you how it is a sometimes an overlooked investment. With each design produced we consider the strategy behind it and the end goal in front.

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Logo Design
An extremely important investment in any business, a professionally designed logo will identify and give your business the intended first impression. It is as important to a startup as it is to a corporation.
Banner Ad design
We understand the ins and outs of running an online advertisement campaign. Whether you need a full strategy or just the graphics we can help get the best impact for your budget.
Website Graphics
Your Website should be used as a tool, whether it's amplifying a current advertising campaign or displaying your latest promotions. A professionally designed banner can draw attention and trigger action from your customers.
Email Marketing
The effectiveness of email marketing is well known, but increasing the return on investment separates your business from the competition. We can help increase the effectiveness with engaging graphics increasing click through.
Social Media Content
Posting regularly is encouraged on social media platforms to build and maintain an active audience. We can reduce the time involved in regular posting by generating engaging and relevant post content.
Email Signature
A professional email signature not only reassures customers, it is also a great space to give your latest marketing campaign an extra push, we design design graphics with a call to action to do just that.


Business Cards
Investing in a business card that is designed to look and feel premium can be the difference between someone keeping the card or throwing it away. That can be the difference between a gained lead or a lost lead.
Having a slick Letterhead leaves anyone in contact with your business confident that you are running a professional business. This small investment also contributes to brand reinforcement. We can supply a digital letterhead or printed letterheads.
Leaflets with on-brand design are great for marketing as they provide a great return on investment. The added benefit of a well branded leaflet is it also serves the purpose of contributing to overall brand recognition and brand equity.
If you are trying to get a lot of information across to a potential customer a brochure serves this purpose very well. Content can be detailed and clearly laid out along with branding messages. The return on investment is also very high for this form of marketing.
Professionally designed menus are a great way to establish consistent brand identity and stay a step of the competition. We know all the dos and don'ts of menu design and like to push the creative boundaries to provide a menu that will be remembered.
Easy to overlook but branded stationery is an inexpensive way to market and strengthen your brand. Every time a customer uses an item of stationary they received with their last order, they are reminded of your brand.

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